Manufacturing process used in Brass Hinges Companies

Hinges are known as the metal parts that are attached to doors and windows. It is these hinges that ultimately hold the doors and windows together with the frame structures. A metal hinge is a rectangular plate that has small sockets for insertion of nails and pins. In cases where the sizes of the hinges are large, their respective pins are removable as well .Small hinges are not removable however and are always fixed to the frame of doors and windows. There many kinds of hinges are made by Brass Hinges Companies.

The various types of Brass Hinges:

Butt hinges are made from brass of the best quality available in Brass Hinges Companies. In its making process or manufacturing process, these brass metal hinges are treated with machines which ultimately give shape and structure to the hinges. The pins that are given or supplied along with a Butt Hinge are generally made of stainless steel. The second variety is the Railway Hinge. In this type the radius around the knuckle part of the brass hinge is slightly tapered. This type of hinge is also made of the best quality of brass. The plate in Railway hinges is thick enough to give added strength to the entire structure and it can bear loads both horizontally and vertically. Therefore it can be see that Railway Hinges are one of the strongest and long lasting of the varieties.

The third kind is the Bearing Hinges with grease in the sockets. This type of hinge is also capable of bearing or handling large amounts of load and weight. It is rarely used in homes although it is not a rule. The hinges have thrust bearings that help the structure to accommodate the heavy loads. It is essential for use in windows and doors that have a lot of weight.

A Crown hinges and the L shapes hinges are those that are made with highly accurate machines in Brass Hinges Companies and are crafted to perfection. These are also two of the best kinds of brass hinges as they give striking performance. Next is the W shaped hinge. These are for use in environments where the doors or windows need to be opened to a maximum of 180 degrees. It is commonly used as hinges to the safe doors of banks. The final variety is the Parliament Hinge that opens at 180 degrees as well and is composed of solidified casted brass.

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