Measuring Instruments Companies That Are In Common Use

ImageA measuring instrument is an instrument, device or machine that is used to measure a definite physical quantity. Throughout the ages there have been many developments of measuring instruments. Some of the earliest instruments were sundials and measuring scales. Today technological level has become so sophisticated that many advanced machines have been invented and which are manufactured by various companies. There are so many things that are to be measured both for use in homes and in the industries. Watches and weight measuring scales are common in most homes today while sophisticated weather monitoring and analyzing machines are used in industries.

As is commonly known, every measuring instrument has certain parameters by which the physical matter is measured. For instance the thermometer is used for measuring body heat which is measured in units like Fahrenheit and Centigrade. Measurement parameters for all instruments are called or termed units which are denoted by numbers. Below given are some of the instruments made by Measuring Instruments Companies.

Common measuring instruments:

The first one is the radar speed gun which is used to measure the speed of a passing body. It is commonly used by the police in and around metro cities to track the vehicles that are exceeding or violating the speed limit. It is also used during car races and during sports like tennis, sprinting and others. A radar speed gun is of two types: the handheld model and the stationary model. It constantly emits radar signals. When a speeding car passes by it registers the change in the echoing radar signals. The signal that returns and which is registered by the instrument is directly proportional to the speed of the vehicle that passes by. It is made and distributed by the Measuring Instruments Companies.

The Anemometer is used for measuring the speed of wind. It is commonly used in weather stations as part a total early warning system for drastic weather changes and also to monitor normal weather patterns. Anemometers are of two types namely the ones the measure the wind speed and those the measure pressure of the wind. Currently a type of anemometer is under development that can measure both.

ImageAnother common measuring instrument made by the Measuring Instruments Companies is the energy meter. It is also called the electricity meter. As one can understand by seeing the name, this instrument measures the amount of electrical current consumed by a facility.

With just a click on your mouse you can communicate with the testing equipment manufacturing companies and measuring meter distributors.

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