Pashmina Shawls In Your Wardrobe

A pashmina shawl is a natural attire having silky, smoothy and shiny texture for which they are adorned across the globe. Fashionist are aware of rising trend of pashmina. Almost all designers have pashmina collection in their boutiques. Every year new collections of Pashmina are also added in malls and market areas as well. No doubt, they are bit expensive even then remains in fashions seasons after seasons, they hardly goes out of trend. These collections are competent of catering the need of all classes and ages in society.

What make pashmina unique?

Pashmina fabric are considered as rare type of light, soft and warm wool. It gets its source from different breeds of Himalaya’s mountain goats. Pashmina shawls are mainly hand weaved and confined to about 23 stages before they get shape of elegant shawl pieces. A sequence of embroidery is also added while making pashmina shawl. Since embroidery is a tedious process, so it is done manually to avoid rough handling due to thinness of pashmina. So different collections of pashmina features unique design as embroidery is done intricately. That’s why, pashmina shawls are unique and bit expensive.

These days, shawls and scarfs are considered as most versatile accessories so as pashmina shawls. They come in various forms- cashmere, silk-pashmina are some of them. Cashmere is the pure form of pashmina while silk-pashmina have a certain percentage of silk along with pashmina wool. This is done to make shawls less expensive thus making them affordable for major section of society.

Pashmina for all

Pashmina shawls are sought to be perfect accessories for women during winters as for its known very soft fabric and warmth. There are numerous styles, colors and pattern to select from- ranging from dull, pastel, bright to bridal colors. Having unique masterpiece shawls, attractive colorful floral and even sequence pattern pashmina shawls in different sizes. These shawls will go with every traditional Indian wear as well as suits and sarees. Recently, collection of plain pashmina shawls of various pastel colors are among most demanded items. As they give a sophisticated look when paired up with denims and cotrise pants.

It is believed that pashmina are not for men, they are only for women. Yet, it is not true to quote this. Now a days, pashmina shawls and scarfs have equally collections for men and women. The warmth and softness of pashmina is also enjoyed by men through various colors that perfectly suits with menswear. Out of them shawls in white, off-white and creams colors collections are more demanded.

In India, weaving industry has always been vast and dynamic giving scope to explore for new things and when we related it to shawls and scarves this statement always holds true. As of now, discover the elegance pashmina shawls. It will be great reward for yourself or gift to some special one.


With just a click on your mouse you can communicate with the pashmina shawls companies.

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