Trade India – Know more about India’s Leading Business Search Engine

TradeIndia is one of the prominent b2b portal from India involved in the ever-expanding field of online business promotion solutions. With our remarkable efforts in data acquisition and online business solutions, company subsumes a huge number of buyers and sellers listed under 2,181 different product categories and sub-categories. Our organization is well-promoted on all major search engines and today the portal is considered as an ideal platform by millions of buyers and sellers across the globe. TradeIndia aims to provide useful, authentic and accurate information to the EXIM community and ensuring the best of services and business leads for our clients.

We are running this business successfully since 1996 under the guidance of Mr. Bikky Khosla and achieved numerous milestones during this journey. In this direction, now we have over 2.7 million registered users till now and this count is increasing day by day. This shows our popularity in the online b2b market and our site work as a marketplace where buyers and suppliers can perform different business activities in a smooth manner. To provide maximum client satisfaction, we have expanded our network in all major cities of India, so that maximum people get advantage through us. We are working with talented professionals that helps manufacturers, suppliers, importers and buyers to grow their business in online business marketplace that has imparted successfully.

Why to Choose TradeIndia

* We are a renowned B2B portal that is dedicated to provide information on Indian manufacturers, exporters, importers, suppliers, wholesalers, traders, distributors and service providers and act as a bridge between customer’s and SME’s. With the help of our portal worth Rs. 11,773 crore generated through the b2b marketplace.

* We provide online catalog services, book domains, trust stamp, tenders, dial b2b and many more business oriented services. Our catalogs services are best to display detailed company profile and product information along with product photographs, customized header, personalized domain and catalogs in 10 different languages other than English.    

* Our DIALB2B service offer users freedom to find out the details of targeted suppliers through SMS from us without visiting Required information of B2B suppliers will be delivered to user as SMS or in an email.  

* Call Me Free service is an easy way to connect with the targeted global suppliers over the phone. The buyers can use this facility for free to directly connect with the TradeIndia suppliers.

* Hosting and organizing business talk shows and TV commercial on all the famous business TV channels and on other media platforms such as YouTube, SlideShare, etc.

* Have shown active participation in major 300 international as well as domestic trade fairs. Trade India SME Times is an informative news portal providing complete business new coverage for SMEs.

* is a useful platform for the distributors, franchisees and sales agents who wants to grow their business and seeking the list of sales orders from concerned companies.

* Apart from all the above mentioned online services, we publish Exporters Yellow Pages (EYP), that is a offline business directory contains the list of manufacturers, exporters and service providers. Published biannually, it is available in printed form, CD’s and on Trade India web portal.

We are pioneers in providing unique business solutions to buyers and sellers, Trade India is now accessible through smart phone, as we have started mobile compatible websites and product catalogs services. If you are interested to know more about EXIM community, international trade shows, SME news, tenders and more more associated business information you can visit Trade India portal for detailed information. So, what you are waiting for it is just a click away!

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Trade India Sports Day: A Team Building Event for All

Trade India is a renowned online b2b platform for SMEs based in India and established in the year 1990. The company offers comprehensive business solutions to the global EXIM community and considered as an ideal place for the buyers and sellers to interact with each other.

The company has organized its first Sports cum Recreation Day for the employees at South Delhi DDA Sports Complex on 12th February, 2014. The motive of this event was to improve team spirit and cross-departmental interaction among the employees. On that day, Trade India employees have participated in different sports activities and competed with each other in groups.

A great fun was experienced on this day and everyone has enjoyed the day with full zeal and excitement. Trade India sports event was a fun packed day for its employees, at the same time it receives equal attention from the senior level management. The event held from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM, included various activities like cricket, football, racing competitions and much more.

The venue decided for the event is quite near to Jasola metro station. The complex where the event took place was simply great, boasting supreme quality sports facilities such as widespread green fields, volleyball court, gymnasium area, football ground and more. The location was perfect to accommodate small and big groups.

Trade India sports event was organized under the guidance of respective floor managers, who are responsible for most fun employee engagement activities. Some of the popular activities held at the day was:

Cricket Match: The cricket is a incredible fun game played during the event. There were four cricket matches played at the ground in between eight teams, each match is of 10 overs. The match began at 10:00 in the morning, all the teams have shown great performance in the field.

Football Match: It is one of the most exciting game of all the activities. The match was played between two teams consists of 14 players each. All the players are determined to emerge as winners and have showed great game at the event. The participants have a great team spirit between them and experienced lots of fun during the event.

Racing Events: Different racing contests were held at the spot like spoon race, sack race, relay race and tied leg race. Trade India employees participated in the event with great zeal and showed high level of performance. Viewers and participants both have experienced a great fun while performing such activities on the ground.

The winners in particular sport category are appreciated for their enthusiasm and rewarded with the exciting prizes. On this day, Trade India CEO was also present at the event, which was quite motivating for the employees. Through this event, Trade India recognizes the essence of having a strong foundation in order for their employees to be at their best at work.

In the middle of this fun, breakfast facilities were also provided there for the ease of employees. A proper arrangement of food was arranged at the event like mineral water, fruits, juices and different snacks items, meals, etc. This entire day was full of fun packed sports activities and have received maximum participation from the employees.

Trade India Sports Recreation day was a pleasant experience for its employees, where they have interacted with each other and participated in different team building sports activities. Main objective of the event is to bring all the employees at a common place that encourages fun, interaction and team bonding. Before this event, Trade India has organized exciting fun events like outdoor trips, group movie shows, lunch and many more. Visit Trade India Facebook Fun Club page to get more information on employees engagement activities.

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Trade India: A Potential Business Enterprise

In coming years e-commerce is going to be at the apex of success. With the expansion of technology, the number of b2b websites are increasing rapidly. They provide maximum information about the featured products and services of a company. In this internet enabled world, plenty of companies wants to promote their brand online to seek the utmost attention of their users. Through the use of appropriate content and marketing strategy, companies can create a special niche in the market.

Trade India is the India largest b2b portal that deliver coherent information on traders community. The organization is highly recommended for providing diverse range of information at one place. Customers can join our venture by simply registering themselves on the website, which is absolutely free of cost. Working towards to bridge the gaps between buyers and sellers, Trade India facilitates its services to bring the entire business world under common panel. The outlook of the company is to eliminate major discrepancies from the B2B marketplace.

 The organization was established in 1996, with a concept to provide securing support to most of the small and medium enterprises (SMEs). From here, company strives to rectify the business related mistakes and misunderstandings. Supporting a large database of manufacturers, exporters, importers, buyers and sellers, Trade India is now counted amongst the potent business portals. It receives on around 20.5 million hits per month. As per the company statistics, 2,179 product categories are listed in exporters database. Further, company exhibits more than 1,994 products in the buyers section.

Registered users can avail online catalog facility, under which buyers will get specialized space on Trade India website. The services offered with products catalogs are designing of home page, company’s profile, R&D section, newsroom, services & support, quality control, showroom, management, etc. Likewise, Trade Lead section is a free service that let the marketers post, buy and sell their business offers along with the product photograph. Business portal is a conventional marketing tool that helps in attracting more users to your enterprises. It intelligently gathers the information from different sources and keep them updated as per the market trends.

trade indiaTrade India is linked to various social media platforms, in which the most popular ones are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Wikipedia, Pinterest and many others. Advertising on social media assists business website to reach to their targeted audience, which surely add value to your brand. Recently launched is the initiative of Trade India, which is connecting distributors, franchisees and sales agents with the market. Furthermore, SME Times is another achievement of company that bring important news from the industry. It keeps the entrepreneurs updated with latest industry news. In this new era, there are huge uncertainty in the market. An effective B2B portal provide that potential and accelerated the scope of business across the globe.

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Manufacturing process used in Brass Hinges Companies

Hinges are known as the metal parts that are attached to doors and windows. It is these hinges that ultimately hold the doors and windows together with the frame structures. A metal hinge is a rectangular plate that has small sockets for insertion of nails and pins. In cases where the sizes of the hinges are large, their respective pins are removable as well .Small hinges are not removable however and are always fixed to the frame of doors and windows. There many kinds of hinges are made by Brass Hinges Companies.

The various types of Brass Hinges:

Butt hinges are made from brass of the best quality available in Brass Hinges Companies. In its making process or manufacturing process, these brass metal hinges are treated with machines which ultimately give shape and structure to the hinges. The pins that are given or supplied along with a Butt Hinge are generally made of stainless steel. The second variety is the Railway Hinge. In this type the radius around the knuckle part of the brass hinge is slightly tapered. This type of hinge is also made of the best quality of brass. The plate in Railway hinges is thick enough to give added strength to the entire structure and it can bear loads both horizontally and vertically. Therefore it can be see that Railway Hinges are one of the strongest and long lasting of the varieties.

The third kind is the Bearing Hinges with grease in the sockets. This type of hinge is also capable of bearing or handling large amounts of load and weight. It is rarely used in homes although it is not a rule. The hinges have thrust bearings that help the structure to accommodate the heavy loads. It is essential for use in windows and doors that have a lot of weight.

A Crown hinges and the L shapes hinges are those that are made with highly accurate machines in Brass Hinges Companies and are crafted to perfection. These are also two of the best kinds of brass hinges as they give striking performance. Next is the W shaped hinge. These are for use in environments where the doors or windows need to be opened to a maximum of 180 degrees. It is commonly used as hinges to the safe doors of banks. The final variety is the Parliament Hinge that opens at 180 degrees as well and is composed of solidified casted brass.

With just a click on your mouse you can communicate with the brass anchors distributors.

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How Should Brass Terminals Distributors The Best Battery Terminals?

Battery terminals are metal platforms that are used for connecting a cell or battery to a charger. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They also come in many designs. The manufacturing process used all over the world for making battery terminals is called the powder metallurgy process. In this process the components that are used from making the brass battery terminals are either ferrous or non-ferrous. These are always made of brass of the very best quality. Non-ferrous powders are much more preferred by the clients as these have brass powders.

Battery terminals are made in the industry by precision machines and are crafted to optimum perfection. The advantage of machine tooling process is that there is no chance of any uneven surfaces and irregularities. The whole surface of a terminal should ideally be uniform and manufacturing companies give a lot of effort so that every product is uniform. By the use of the precision machines the surfaces are precise and have an even geometric structure. Also the process eliminates all chances of corrosion. Corrosion of terminals occurs when they are fitted into connections poorly. For this reason, battery terminals today have fluids added in the structure that negates the effect of corrosion. These are then sent to Brass Terminals Distributors and customers.

While purchasing a brass battery terminal there are a few parameters that the customer should remember to avoid getting cheated or unintentionally getting faulty goods. The ideal brass battery terminal should be decidedly durable. Brass is used as it is highly durable as a metal. A good terminal should also be strong enough to be long lasting for the maximum time. Its dimensions should be uniform because of the simple reason that it may not be able to accommodate batteries at all otherwise. Resistance to corrosive activity is a very important attribute and should be remembered while buying. Additionally it should be aesthetic as well. Some other important things to see is that of the quality of metal, the welding quality, in case of two metals that whether the two metals are properly welded or not, what type of brass link it has and many other parameters.

The industries the finished products go to are the electrical goods manufacturing companies and to Brass Terminals Distributors. Various grades of brass are used for making battery terminals. Brass Terminals Distributors may also pre order for the manufacture of custom designed products of the category which are of better brass grades.

With just a click on your mouse you can communicate with the brass rivets companies.

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Measuring Instruments Companies That Are In Common Use

ImageA measuring instrument is an instrument, device or machine that is used to measure a definite physical quantity. Throughout the ages there have been many developments of measuring instruments. Some of the earliest instruments were sundials and measuring scales. Today technological level has become so sophisticated that many advanced machines have been invented and which are manufactured by various companies. There are so many things that are to be measured both for use in homes and in the industries. Watches and weight measuring scales are common in most homes today while sophisticated weather monitoring and analyzing machines are used in industries.

As is commonly known, every measuring instrument has certain parameters by which the physical matter is measured. For instance the thermometer is used for measuring body heat which is measured in units like Fahrenheit and Centigrade. Measurement parameters for all instruments are called or termed units which are denoted by numbers. Below given are some of the instruments made by Measuring Instruments Companies.

Common measuring instruments:

The first one is the radar speed gun which is used to measure the speed of a passing body. It is commonly used by the police in and around metro cities to track the vehicles that are exceeding or violating the speed limit. It is also used during car races and during sports like tennis, sprinting and others. A radar speed gun is of two types: the handheld model and the stationary model. It constantly emits radar signals. When a speeding car passes by it registers the change in the echoing radar signals. The signal that returns and which is registered by the instrument is directly proportional to the speed of the vehicle that passes by. It is made and distributed by the Measuring Instruments Companies.

The Anemometer is used for measuring the speed of wind. It is commonly used in weather stations as part a total early warning system for drastic weather changes and also to monitor normal weather patterns. Anemometers are of two types namely the ones the measure the wind speed and those the measure pressure of the wind. Currently a type of anemometer is under development that can measure both.

ImageAnother common measuring instrument made by the Measuring Instruments Companies is the energy meter. It is also called the electricity meter. As one can understand by seeing the name, this instrument measures the amount of electrical current consumed by a facility.

With just a click on your mouse you can communicate with the testing equipment manufacturing companies and measuring meter distributors.

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Pashmina Shawls In Your Wardrobe

A pashmina shawl is a natural attire having silky, smoothy and shiny texture for which they are adorned across the globe. Fashionist are aware of rising trend of pashmina. Almost all designers have pashmina collection in their boutiques. Every year new collections of Pashmina are also added in malls and market areas as well. No doubt, they are bit expensive even then remains in fashions seasons after seasons, they hardly goes out of trend. These collections are competent of catering the need of all classes and ages in society.

What make pashmina unique?

Pashmina fabric are considered as rare type of light, soft and warm wool. It gets its source from different breeds of Himalaya’s mountain goats. Pashmina shawls are mainly hand weaved and confined to about 23 stages before they get shape of elegant shawl pieces. A sequence of embroidery is also added while making pashmina shawl. Since embroidery is a tedious process, so it is done manually to avoid rough handling due to thinness of pashmina. So different collections of pashmina features unique design as embroidery is done intricately. That’s why, pashmina shawls are unique and bit expensive.

These days, shawls and scarfs are considered as most versatile accessories so as pashmina shawls. They come in various forms- cashmere, silk-pashmina are some of them. Cashmere is the pure form of pashmina while silk-pashmina have a certain percentage of silk along with pashmina wool. This is done to make shawls less expensive thus making them affordable for major section of society.

Pashmina for all

Pashmina shawls are sought to be perfect accessories for women during winters as for its known very soft fabric and warmth. There are numerous styles, colors and pattern to select from- ranging from dull, pastel, bright to bridal colors. Having unique masterpiece shawls, attractive colorful floral and even sequence pattern pashmina shawls in different sizes. These shawls will go with every traditional Indian wear as well as suits and sarees. Recently, collection of plain pashmina shawls of various pastel colors are among most demanded items. As they give a sophisticated look when paired up with denims and cotrise pants.

It is believed that pashmina are not for men, they are only for women. Yet, it is not true to quote this. Now a days, pashmina shawls and scarfs have equally collections for men and women. The warmth and softness of pashmina is also enjoyed by men through various colors that perfectly suits with menswear. Out of them shawls in white, off-white and creams colors collections are more demanded.

In India, weaving industry has always been vast and dynamic giving scope to explore for new things and when we related it to shawls and scarves this statement always holds true. As of now, discover the elegance pashmina shawls. It will be great reward for yourself or gift to some special one.


With just a click on your mouse you can communicate with the pashmina shawls companies.

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